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Barbara Luna


A space storm/transporter accident throws Kirk and company into a savage, parallel universe.


This episode features a fascinating look into a violent alternative Federation universe. George Takei registers strongly as the violent, learing, alternative universe Sulu. Mr. Spock looks awfully cool with a beard. Kirk's relationship with his alternative universe Yeoman, played by Barbara Luna ("Buck Rodgers in the 25th Century"), is complex and a bit spicy.


An Enterprise landing party attempts to transport during an ion storm. They end up in an odd, parallel universe.

The other universe turns out to be a brutal one, where officers succeed in rank by assassination. Kirk and the rest pass themselves off as their other universe counterparts.

Simultaneously, their parallel universe counterparts end up in our universe, but are soon detected and put in the brig. Kirk enlists the aid of the other Spock. Kirk and gang transport back to their proper universe.


Marc Daniels,' "MIRROR, MIRROR," is a fascinating, well-remembered Sci-Fi tale. Daniels also directed these Classic "Trek" episodes: "Space Seed" and "The Naked Time", among others.

While parallel universes/dimensions is a common theme in Sci-Fi literature, it was relatively virginal territory, in 60's television. Writer, Jerome Bixby, lets us learn more about our characters, by seeing them in contrast with their polar opposites, in the parallel universe. Bixby also wrote: "By Any Other Name," "Day of the Dove," and "Requiem for Methuselah," as well as episodes of "The Twilight Zone".

This is the episode where viewers got a chance to see the normally, close shaven Vulcan, (Nimoy), with a neatly trimmed Vandyke beard. The results are both flattering as well as slightly Satanic.

The parallel Kirk has at his disposal a weapon, called "The Tantalus Field," which allows you to eliminate your enemies quickly and permanently, at the push of a button. It's a cool Sci-Fi gimmick, totally in keeping with the savage other universe. Come to think of it, the gizmo might come in handy in this old universe of ours.

George Takei's, "Sulu," seems to be the character most different in the parallel universe. His grinning, space wolf is a far cry from the officer and gentleman we normally observe, cooly going about his business on the bridge.

"MIRROR, MIRROR" should be highly watchable for most Sci-Fi viewers. Parallel Universe enthusiasts will dig this episode.

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